Pella & Sims – The Best Wooden Windows Team

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is proud to team with a wooden windows supplier with the same commitment to delivering high quality, energy-efficient replacement window products. Pella Windows represent the best in performance, technology and reliability in the window replacement industry,

Enter your text here...Sims sells, installs and maintains Pella wooden windows. There are no better wooden windows for window replacement or new construction in the Madison WI area. Pella windows blend the beauty of wood and fine craftsmanship. They stand the test of time.

Wooden Windows Beyond The Ordinary

For nearly 100 years, Pella Windows has been a name synonymous with quality, innovation and function. Pella’s American-made wooden windows have represented innovation in technology, manufacturing skills and quality since 1925. With more than 150 product and design patents, the company stands behind its products with a commitment to go beyond the ordinary, to work smart, solve problems and deliver the best wooden replacement windows available.

Quality Defined

Pella Windows defines quality as innovative, purposeful design delivering unmatched performance. In addition to high-tech manufacturing techniques, Pella incorporates exclusive installation methods helping ensure its windows fit well and last.

Supporting every new window is Pella’s Design Assurance Laboratory. Every window is certified to all industry standards, but in the Design Assurance Lab, test after test confirms that Pella wooden windows exceed the most rigorous standards. Testing includes:

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures – using infrared cameras to detect any energy loss
  • Accelerated weathering – monitoring how Pella windows react to climate extremes, creating years’ worth of weather in a fraction of the time
  • Acid/salt corrosion – understanding how Pella wooden windows react to corrosives like acid rain, salt spray and ice melts (especially important with Pella doors)
  • Specially designed light chambers to simulate the harshest impact of direct sunlight – ultraviolet, visible light and infrared – monitoring the effects on damage to window screen, fading, etc.
  • Advanced testing of wood preservatives to ensure resistance to moisture, decay and stains from mold and mildew

Innovation Leads to Success

Innovative design, the latest engineering and making the most of all the most energy efficient achievements gives Pella an edge in quality and durability. Three technology advances lead the way:

  1. Insulating Glass – Long-lasting insulating glass, sealed to provide a clear view and exceptional energy efficiency.
  2. EnduraGuard Wood Protection – Advanced protection for wood, guarding against the moisture, decay, stains from mold and mildew and even termite damage.
  3. Exterior Aluminum Cladding – Beautiful and durable, aluminum claddinghelps protect wooden windows and patio doors for years.

Wooden Windows – The High-quality Choice

Wooden replacement windows are rarely the low-cost option when it comes to replacement windows. So, why are the in such demand? Wooden windows make sense for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Beauty and Comfort – Wood is not only beautiful, it’s a natural insulator from the heat and cold
  • Design Flexibility – Wood provides multiple design options – including interior and exterior colors, shapes, sizes and between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles.
  • Insulating Properties – Wood is an excellent insulator because it doesn’t conduct heat or cold. Research shows wood provides as much as 400 times better insulation than steel and more than 1,800 times more than aluminum-framed windows. Wooden frame windows will help to reduce heating/cooling bills. An extra insulation bonus – wooden windows are excellent at filtering out noise from outdoors.
  • Wooden Windows Last – Pella Windows offers wooden replacement windows in several styles, each providing longer life spans than other options. With appropriate care, wood will last a lifetime – hence the exceptional warranty offered on all Pella windows.
  • Coefficient of Expansion (COE) – All materials expand and contract with extremes in outdoor temperature. Pella wooden windows have the lowest COE compared to common window options. The amount a material expands/contracts contributes to its stability, wear and ability to keep the elements out of a building. The lower the COE the better.

Pella Wooden Window Selection

Pella Windows has a wooden window style for every situation – from new construction to remodeling and restoration. Sims and Pella are proud to bring the lineup to the forefront of the window world in Madison WI. The Pella options include:

  • The Architect Series – Available in both a traditional line and a contemporary line, this group was created to add architectural interest. These wooden windows offer unique sizes and shapes. Options like Low-E triple pane glass for high energy efficiency.
  • The Designer Series – Many unique features and options in the Designer Series 750, including between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles.
  • Pella 450 Series – The most popular style, offering the best features of wooden windows – the most sought-after styles, shapes, sizes, features and options. Competitive pricing backed by Pella craftsmanship and an industry-leading warranty. 

Pella Windows’ Record of Excellent

Pella Windows has been at the forefront of window development for decades:

  • 1937 – The first Pella windows debut with steel frames, wooden interiors, divided windowpanes and an exterior wash feature
  • 1964 – Pella invented the first double-hung window with a sash that pivots so outside glass can be cleaned from inside the house
  • 1992 – The Pella 450 Series was introduced, delivering premium features and high-end quality at a value price
  • Dozens of innovations and national awards/honors

Many replacement window manufacturers claim these and similar features but it’s a safe bet – Pella had it first!

The Pella commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship has been repeatedly recognized. The company is proud to partner with a long list of industry organizations as it maintains its position as a true industry leader. Among those significant partners are:

  • Energy Star – the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) program promoting energy-efficient products.
  • NFRC – National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) promotes and evaluates highly energy-efficient products
  • S. Green Building Council – The organization that developed the LEED® certification program – Pella offers products that comply with LEED requirements.
  • AIA/CES – American Institute of Architects/Continuing Education System works with Pella to develop learning opportunities for architects and building professionals.
  • Governor’s Environmental Award – An Iowa-based company, Pella received the prestigious Governor’s Award in its home state for managing waste and recycling during its manufacturing process.
  • EPA Honors – Pella has received the EPA Pollution Prevention Award as well as the EPA Hammer Award both for its commitment to protecting the environment through responsible manufacturing. Accredited into the EPA’s SmartWay transportation program for responsible use of partners and private fleets to deliver products throughout the country.
  • National Arbor Day Foundation Award – Pella makes a concerted effort to plant trees and promote responsible forestry in support of its creation of wooden windows.

A Team of Committed Professionals 

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is proud to team with Pella Windows, a replacement window supplier with the same commitment to delivering quality, energy-efficient replacement window products on time to exceed every customer’s expectations. To work with this team of committed professionals, contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling to select the Pella windows as your replacement wooden windows in Madison WI.