Black Window Frames Make A Statement

Black Window Frames | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Black outlines the windows in this modern farmhouse-style kitchen. The windows perfectly complement the rest of the room’s décor.

If you’re going for a contemporary look or an accent for a country kitchen, black window frames are the designers’ choice. Modern windows framed in black are both classic and ultra-modern. They’re idea for a remodeling project, as replacement windows or in your new home.

Windows are available in a wide array of colors. What are you planning to create? A traditional look or a modern style? Designers favor earth tones like brown for more traditional applications. On the modern side they like cooler colors like gray. White has been the go-to compromise for years. Now, black has become a popular alternative. It provides more impact, contrast and personality. Framing your windows in black sets them apart, making a strong design statement.

View Black Window Frames From Inside And Out

You can make a style statement with black frames visible on the inside as well as the outside of your home. Window frame color works in concert with trim and roofing color choices. Black complements a dark roof and provides contrast to light-colored siding, brick or stone. When it is time for new windows you can change a traditional home into a modern appearance with colored window frames.

Black frames are ideal to complement black shutters and trim. They truly set off a brightly colored front door, too. Black frames are like the matte around a framed work of art – blending trim and color. They also add dramatic visual impact both inside and outside.

On the inside, black framed windows help pull a room together. Unlike light frame colors, they add structure, contrast and depth. Just as they boost curb appeal outside.

In many interior design styles the use of black-framed windows reduces or even eliminates the need for additional window treatments. Black frames are meant to be seen and accent the room’s décor. They work in virtually every style from contemporary to farmhouse style.

Windows To Complement Your Design Style

Black Window Frames | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Black frames outlining your home’s windows make a bold, eye-catching statement and provide a modern look.

“Modern” is the first thought when looking at black frames. And, they are modern and really set off a contemporary design. But they are also a perfect complement to very different styles, from traditional to industrial. Like the “little black dress” or black tuxedo, these dark frames work with everything in the color spectrum. Do you consider black to be “dull?” Don’t, it is a great way to highlight more delicate details in any room.

Consider the benefit of black frames:

  • They add contrast to neutral-colored walls.
  • Black balances natural finishes for trim and furnishings.
  • Dark frames blend naturally with many interiors, appearing at first glance to be shadows.
  • Inside your home they create an illusion of a clearer, more open view of the outside.
  • They frame your view (the backyard, etc.) like a work of art.

Your application of black-framed windows is limited only by your imagination. Collect inspiration from the dozens of home improvement publications, videos, TV productions and websites. You’ll see black used throughout the house for everything from window frames to tile and cabinet stain. Before you go all-in on black accents, consider:

  • Black can be overpowering in small rooms – maybe black window outlines is enough.
  • Balance back-framed windows with a few other dark elements in a light room.
  • You don’t have to use black windows in every room – maybe using them on the street-side of the house is idea, or facing the backyard from your great room and wide open kitchen?
  • Black frames are especially valuable to highlight the special view – the eye will be drawn to the outside.

Black Window Frames – No Fad Here!

Fads come and go. Using black framed windows has been a design basic for year. Although until recently it was mostly applied to commercial installations. It’s value in residential design was too often overlooked. That’s not true today. From coast-to-coast architects and interior design professionals are taking advantage of the many benefits and applications this basic color has to offer. Outlining your windows in black represents both a modern look and a complement to traditional design.

Not only are black frames popular, they’re getting more popular all the time. Why? Both manufacturers and designers realize the value they add to your home – inside and outside. Black can make a bold statement or work subtly in the background the focus attention and strengthen other elements in a room or exterior design.

When it’s time to add, change or renew your home’s windows, contact Sims Exteriors & Remodeling. We feature the complete line of Pella windows, including sizes, shapes and styles with black window frames to re-energize your Madison WI home.

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