New Hardware Advances Pella ‘Easy To Open’ Windows

Game-changing hardware designs are creating easy to open windows for Madison WI homes. Thanks to design innovations from Pella Windows, wrestling with cranks and levers to open your windows will soon be just a memory.

Called Easy-Slide Operator, the new system is available on Pella Impervia® casement and awning windows. Have you struggled with the cranks on casement windows trying to get them closed ahead of a sudden shower? Then you’ve wished for an “easier way,” right? The new window opening solution allows you to slide a control lever up and down to open/close the windows. Operation is smoother and quicker. In addition, the new technology is sleek and less obvious. The built-in slider sits tucked out of the way where it doesn’t interfere with window treatments or décor. It’s built into the jam on casement windows and the sill of awning windows.

Easy To Open Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
The Easy-Slide Operator’s slim, sleek design provides a modern aesthetic and a comfort grip for easy, smooth operation.

On top of easy operation, the system is precise. It allows windows to open an exact distance – as much or as little as you want. When you open it to the distance you want, it secures in place. That’s a near perfect combination of simple use, precision and security isn’t it?

Creating Easy To Open Windows

With Easy-Slide Operator installed, opening and closing casement and awning windows is as easy as sliding a dimmer switch on your lights. The building industry was so impressed by the innovative design it awarded the new easy-open windows the 2021 Best In Show honor at the International Builders’ Show.

Anchored by rugged components including a ball bearing design and a Kevlar-reinforced belt, the system performs. Its robust components insure smooth operation for years. And it’s been field tested under extremes from drywall dust and construction debris to temperature and moisture extremes.

One of the reasons behind the design is homeowners’ desire to “age in place.” More and more people are planning to live in their homes as they get older. Among an aging population, arthritis, especially in fingers and hands, is a chronic problem. Turning a crank becomes even more of a chore. The sliding controls take one more obstacle out of the way for older homeowners. Among the design considerations are:

  • Low physical effort – making a window easy to open means assuring it doesn’t take a lot of “muscle” or dexterity.
  • Easy access – curved surfaces accommodate many grip styles and hand sizes.
  • Security – the hardware design guards against unintentional contact with window treatments or the window frame.

Why create a new opening system when the old one worked? If you already have casement windows you probably know the answer. Pella research found people really dislike opening and closing windows with a crank. They don’t like how cranks work and don’t like how cranks look in their homes. Makes sense, right?

New Window Solutions

Easy To Open Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Advances in technology make it possible for casement windows to play a huge role in 21st century design – they’re not your grandparents’ old crank-to-open windows anymore.

Pella Windows is known for its innovations. The new Easy-slide Operator is a classic example. It combines form with function – a minimalist, low-profile design that opens and closes windows quickly and simply. It does it all grounded in technology that insures long-lasting performance, too. The final design is the result of more than 2 years of development, testing and customer input. Its head engineer reports the system underwent more than 20,000 open/close cycles before the final design was confirmed. That equals opening and closing a window once per day, every day, for 54 years.

This engineering breakthrough, combined with the Impervia windows’ unique fiberglass construction ensures lasting durability. Homeowners will be able to tap into the Easy-slide Operator technology on additional Pella lines in the near future, too.

Call Upon The Best For Easy To Open Windows

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