Know When To Replace Windows

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Repeated condensation is a sign windows are not as energy efficient as they should be.

Observe the tell-tale signs and you’ll know when it’s time to replace windows in your Madison WI home. Windows play an important role providing security, curb appeal and abundant natural light. High-tech wood-frame windows from Pella improve energy efficiency all year long. The older the window the less efficient it is. If you own an older home, it’s time to evaluate the performance of your windows.

Some of the signs it’s time to replace windows are obvious. Others are subtle. A close look during periods of extreme weather helps.

The Obvious Signs It’s Time To Replace Windows

Take time to examine each window in your home. The obvious signs that it’s time to consider new windows include:

  • Windows don’t work right – each window should open and close smoothly with minimal effort. In an older home, it could be painted shut, swollen or warped. Windows that open and close effortlessly provide natural ventilation and are a safety feature.
  • Damage and Excess Wear – any signs of rot or damage to windows, frames or the walls around them require immediate attention. Rain, snow and ice contribute to decaying windows.
  • Leaking – rain or snow leaking around a window during a storm shows up as a small trickle or a puddle depending upon the severity of the leak. Leaks result from problems beneath the surface and from cracks in the glass. Moisture, not matter the sources, leads to mold and mildew. Air leaks are more difficult to observe. The major causes of leaks are weak window frames due to poor installation, age or failed seals.
  • Condensation – fogged windows or beads of moisture on the glass indicate windows aren’t sealing properly. Moisture between panes on a window means the internal seals have been broken. Condensation is easily wiped away but is a sign of more serious problems within.
Replace Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Modern Pella windows are easy to clean without the risk of climbing ladders.

Although separate from each other, your windows, doors, heating or cooling system, insulation, ventilation, and siding make your house operate as a system. In order to keep your home operating at peak efficiency, all factors need to be functioning together in order achieve the best return on your investment.  

Explore Less-obvious Signs Windows Need Attention

Condensation, mold and misaligned window frames are signs you can see. There are signs that windows aren’t performing that are not as obvious. Among the less-obvious symptoms are:

  • Soundproofing failures – living on a quiet residential street is part of the attraction for owning a home. A house with windows that don’t filter out excess outdoor noise needs attention. Energy-efficient wood-frame windows absorb sound waves. When you clearly hear outdoor noise inside your room when the window is shut and locked it’s probably a sign your windows are old. Soundproofing lessens with age.
  • Higher energy bills – do drastic seasonal temperature changes have more impact on your heating and cooling bills than they used to? Older windows allow air leaks more often. The more heat escaping your home the harder you furnace works. Old, inefficient windows can increase energy bills by 25% or more.
  • Faded furnishings – carpets, furniture and window treatments show signs of fading as the glass ages. Single pane glass found in many older windows are poor filters for the sun’s UV rays that fade colors. Modern glass and window design benefits both heating and cooling while filtering out damaging UV rays.

Additional Reasons For New Windows

Windows are an investment that boosts your home’s value, efficiency and overall good looks. As the American population continues to age, caring for property becomes more important, too. People want to “age in place” – that is, stay in their homes longer. That brings maintenance to the top of the list of concerns for windows. Replacement windows that last without significant maintenance are important. Wood-frame windows with aluminum or vinyl cladding – wood covered with vinyl or metal – provide high-end energy efficiency, good looks and low-maintenance.

Two additional features of modern window designs are also considerations when planning to replace windows. They are:

  • Easy cleaning – modern window designs allow cleaning from the inside without climbing ladders or taking risks. Older homes become homeowner-friendly with the installation of modern windows.
  • Hardware – modern designs include springs, locks and fasteners that wear, insulate and seal. Old windows have hardware that’s hard to find or discontinued, making repairs a problem.

Window Installation Seals The Deal

No matter how your new windows are rated and engineered, they don’t perform up to their potential with inefficient installation. Select the latest Pella windows for your home and call upon our skilled, experienced and factory-trained installation crews.

Sims represents an elite and limited group of specialists Pella trusts to install its windows and honor all its extensive warranty commitments. Proper installation makes a huge difference in performance. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all Pella windows in the Madison WI area. Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling for energy-efficient wood-frame windows to replace windows in your Madison WI home.

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