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Owning a classic home in the Madison area makes your residence a piece of history. When it comes time to increase efficiency without losing its authenticity, look to Pella Windows.

Owning a historic period home is rewarding and challenging. Replacing inefficient windows with new old windows helps maintain its roots while controlling maintenance costs. There are hundreds of homes in Madison WI awaiting this strategic upgrade. With care and planning, replacement windows deliver beautiful results.

Owners of older homes have one major decision to make above all others:  repair or replace old, inefficient windows. Three things weigh heavily on the outcome:

  1. Costs vs. value – evaluate the cost of labor and materials for replacing windows and for repairing the existing ones. Is it worth it in the long-run? Remember old windows are harder to keep clean and often open/close with difficulty.
  2. Energy bills – older construction doesn’t provide the same efficiencies as modern techniques and materials. New old windows deliver savings on cooling and heating bills.
  3. Aesthetics and curb appeal – updating efficiencies with an old look from modern windows not only provides the right look, it pays dividends. Windows in need of repair or paint detract from the appeal of your home.

Maintain Historic Accuracy With New Old Windows

When you’re giving a period home a facelift you want to maintain the integrity of the design. If you’re working on a historic home with deep roots, you might be required to be time-sensitive and accurate. In situations where being historically accurate is critical, Pella Windows’ Architect Series is an ideal choice. Backed by the latest in modern technology, extensive warranties and craftsmanship new old windows in this series are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

The definition of a new old window is a creation that offers modern conveniences with modern materials with the look of the period. New windows that appear to be old. Classic, old windows are almost framed with wood. New old windows feature wooden frames – often clad in low-maintenance materials. They incorporate the latest in high-tech glass and energy-saving engineering. The finishing touch is authentic hardware in finishes to match existing installations.

Homeowners in period homes need not sacrifice convenience for appearance. Historically accurate windows are available with all the latest features.

Choose The Right Windows For Your Older Home

Windows are a significant part of overall curb appeal, but replacing them is based on more than looks. Older windows a threatened by warping, rotting, sticking and corrosion. They become sources of drafts and result in higher energy bills. Applying the latest technology not only makes windows energy efficient, it adds sound proofing along with character.

The most common windows in period homes are side-hung casements – windows that swing open on hinges like doors – and vertical sliding sash windows (like today’s single- and double-hung models). Really old windows used a series of ropes and pulleys to get windows up and down and were often held open with wooden pegs. Thankfully, modern manufacturing techniques make the process simpler. And allow larger windows to open and close with ease.

Victorian-style homes took advantage of all the window styles available – including the use of custom bay windows. A Victorian home is likely to have sash windows, casement windows or a collection of both.

Types of Windows

The history of sash windows

New Old Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
A window created to make new technology fit a period design is a true blend of science and art.

During Georgian and Victorian eras sash windows consisted of multiple panes of glass. Some with six panes in each section and some with as many as eight. Modern designs moves to one large pane of glass per section. Modern designs use inserts on or in the windows to simulate the 6-over-6 or 8-over-8 style.

A place for casement windows

Casement windows first appeared as small “lights” in the late-18th and early-19th centuries. As glass technology expanded so did the size of casement windows. Victorian architects added custom-shaped window heads like Gothic arches.

More Modern Window Eras

In the 1930 a building boom was in full swing and the use of steel for residential construction was popular. Many of the design elements of that time are very prevalent in Madison area neighborhoods. And, many of the materials used then are used today. Steel-framed windows and doors (often referred to as Crittal-style after the name of the Englishman who created them) were widely used in the 1930s and 1940s – before World War II limited the use of steel. Metal frames lend themselves to unique designs thus grabbing favored status in the Art Deco era when unusual shapes and ornate glasswork was all the rage.

The same impact comes with today’s modern wooden frames clad with metal.

The success of installing new old windows is attention to detail. Manufacturers with historic window lines incorporate the latest advances to blend with authentic looks – including internal screens to replace storm windows, etc.

Though relatively small in the overall scope of a new window its hardware is a consideration too. Many manufacturers offer hardware to match the period when creating new windows to fit a specific time period. When it comes to accurately recreating a piece of history, little touches mean a lot.

Nothing More Important Than 21st Century Installation

You can accept “they don’t build them like they used to.” And that might be a good thing. However, the fact that they don’t install windows like they used to is definitely a good thing. History suggest more than 90% of all window problems are the result of poor installation. To get the most of 21st century technology professional installation is vital. 

In industry leader, Pella provides performance, value and advanced technology in window design. Representing an elite group from around the country, Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all Pella windows in the Madison area. Its specialists are trained to install innovative windows and support their extensive warranties.

Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling for the latest creations and learn why Pella technology provides the best new old windows for your Madison WI home. 

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