Stunning Patio Door Style – Comparing Sliding Door vs Hinged

Choosing the patio door style that’s right for your Madison WI home comes down to which version accents the building’s architecture. And which accommodates your personal lifestyle best. In general, today’s designers consider a hinged patio door ideal for traditional architectural styles while a sliding patio door complements more modern designs. Sliding doors also fit better in rooms with less space since they don’t require any clearance to open/close. Each version has its benefits. Your personal space dictates which is best for your home. However, each has special features to consider.

Wooden frames on a sliding patio door accent the woodwork in this classic home.

Take A Look At Hinged Patio Door Style

Hinged doors represent a classic choice. They either swing into the room or outward – installation is determined by which options best fits your space. While classic in styling, hinged doors are available to fit most architectural designs. They come in an assortment of materials and colors, too. There are two different approaches to hinged doors: double-door installation where one door opens while the other is stationary and double-door installation where both doors open.

Consider single-hinged doors:

  • A one-door opening panel provides a formal-looking entrance.
  • Often used in connection with a pair of large windows creating the look of a glass wall.
  • Ideal for rooms with less space.
  • Easy to customize for various situations.
  • Available with left- or right-hand sidelight windows (or both).
  • Transom windows above add another creative feature.

Double hinged doors expand an opening:

  • Two door panels swing open from the center.
  • Typically known as “French doors.”
  • Versatile the double doors make a dramatic statement.
  • Available with an in-swing or out-swing installation.

Sliding Patio Door Options Aplenty

The basic sliding double patio door is the style most are familiar with. This is the common installation for 90% of the homes in Dane County. It’s the industry standard. Sliding doors are simple – they slide open and closed on a track. They are made from two heavy panels of glass. One is stationary and one moves freely.

Double-hinged patio doors make a grand entrance and link indoor living space with the outdoors in style.

Sliding patio doors are excellent space-safers, making them ideal for apartments and small rooms. If there’s additional wall space, you can add a third or fourth panel to expand the opening.

The No. 1 advantage a sliding door setup has over hinged doors is the addition of a sliding screen. Adding a screen door keeps bugs out while allowing fresh air in.

When you really want to blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces and have the wall space to work with, consider multi-slide patio doors. These wide panels stack against each other – you can even create a wall pocket so the doors disappear when open. Door panels can slide just one direction or part in the middle and slide both left and right. If you’re goal is creating a great outdoor space and making it part of your living area, why not make a real “splash?”

Do you want something really different for your new patio door? How about a sliding French patio door? Combine the common sliding technology with French styling and get the space-saving features of a “slider” with the detailing of a hinged door. Sliding French styles capture the elegance of a double-hinged door combined with all the functions of sliding glass panels.

Choosing The ‘Right’ Patio Door

There’s a third, less common patio door choice: a folding version. Bifold doors are efficient, durable and functional. They fold and stack. They open the wall to create an uninterrupted blend of indoor and outdoor living.

Patio doors make a statement – sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic. Making the choice that best fits your home is the challenge.

There’s a custom patio door style that’s just right for your home’s architecture and your lifestyle.

Your choices are more than style. Doors are available with wooden, fiberglass and vinyl frameworks. The right choice accents your home and provides an inviting opening. How you complement your new door with its outdoor entry route makes a big difference, too. Is it the route to a new deck or patio? Make it the most inviting venue you can to get the most from your new doors.

What’s your plan? Are you replacing existing patio doors or adding a new set as part of a major remodeling plan?

Maintaining patio doors is a task homeowners must accept. Maintained well the serve for years. Overlook they deteriorate to let in drafts and even rain. A well-maintained and properly installed patio door adds value to your home. Do your homework as you plan to replace your patio door. Each of the styles has its advantages. Pella has a wide selection of high-quality, low-maintenance and energy-efficient door options. The wood-framed models provide more opportunity to customize the doors to fit your style – indoors and out.

Once you’ve collected a file of photos or doors you like, it’s time to consult a professional and see for yourself what’s available in a high-quality patio door lineup.

Choose Patio Door Accessories Wisely

Once you’ve decided the patio door style, frame material and color it’s time to consider upgrades. One of the most popular options is the latest in between-the-glass window blinds.

One of the most common concerns about patio doors is providing security. Because most are on the ground floor they are a point of entry for invited guests and uninvited ones. Many traditional doors have a single, fairly weak lock. Pella offers a dual-lock system for added security as well as its high-tech Insynctive “Smart Home” security technology.

Your new doors improve your comfort, energy savings and increase security – if your patio doors are installed correctly. When you work with an experienced Pella professional, installing patio doors can be stress-free. Professional installation is a time-saving and low-stress option. When you’re investing in an exceptional-quality patio door is doesn’t make sense to risk anything less than a professional installation job, right?

Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all Pella Windows in the Madison area. It is a member of a select national group fielding a team of specialists trained to install innovative windows and doors, all supported by extensive warranties.

Sims is a versatile contracting company committed to quality residential constructions – remodeling, roofing, siding and additions. Contact Sims Exteriors & Remodeling for the latest Pella technology and the latest patio door style choices for your Madison WI home.

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