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The Lifestyle Series comes in multiple sizes, shapes and finishes. All featuring the latest in sound reduction technology.

Every day we are challenged to keep unwanted noise at bay and Pella Lifestyle Series windows accepts the challenge. Everything from garbage trucks to loud music and overhead aircraft interrupt life in Madison WI. Selecting the right replacement windows goes a long way toward noise reduction.

To demonstrate its commitment to creating windows that filter out unwanted sounds, Pella Windows has installed tests in New York City’s Grand Central Station. There the windows get bombarded by traffic sounds, large crowds and rail traffic. Pella Lifestyle wood windows incorporate sound control with energy efficiency and many design and color options. While New York claims to be the noisiest city in the country, research shows 97% of U.S. residents get exposed to high levels of noise every day.

The Pella demonstration set up takes on all the sounds of the Big Apple – street music to leaf blowing. Passersby in the station activate sounds cues and a decibel reader shows the level of sound inside and outside the model space. The interactive installation not only shows off Pella’s sound reduction technology, it draws attention to noise pollution. When Pella says its Lifestyle Series wood windows reduces noise, they are ready to prove it.

Pella also teamed with HGTV host and interior designer Sabrina Soto to style the demonstration home using fabrics and materials to reduce noise.

Pella Lifestyle Windows Apply High-tech

A window’s ability to stop unwanted sound is based on three things:

  1. Mass – how heavy it is, how thick the glass is
  2. Stiffness – how flexible it is
  3. Damping – ability to restrain vibrations

Engineers can increase mass with larger frames and thicker glass. But residential windows can only be so thick before they lose their aesthetic appeal. Stiffness does not change much either. Damping is the feature that’s most workable. Damping, in physics reduces vibrations of mechanical things to reduce sounds. Glass itself has very little damping ability. However, when a layer of viscous material sits between two flites of glass its ability to reduce sound increases. That’s the advantage of laminated glass. A single 1/4-inch pane of laminated glass created by two 1/8-inch flites with a film in between has more sound reduction ability than a sold 1/2-inch pane of glass.

There are two critical things to evaluate when selecting windows, especially when reducing noise is important:

  1. How tight are the window components when closed? If a window doesn’t sit tight to the frame sound will get through the assembled unit.
  2. How heavy does the frame feel? Is there’s anything “flimsy” about the window frame when you open and close it? How sturdy a window is impacts how it buffers outside sounds.

Noise Reduction Ratings

A window’s ability to reduce noise is rated in two ways:  its Sound Transmission Class (STC) or the Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) In both cases, the higher the rating number, the better the window keeps out noise.

Reducing the noise level by just 10 decibels means you’re cutting the sound level by half. So a rating of 25 means the noise level is reduced by about 25 decibels – cutting noise by about 80%.

STC ratings are standard for high-frequency sounds like voices, birds, etc. The newer OITC ratings include lower frequencies like traffic and lawn mowers. Therefore, OITC rating numbers are often a few points lower than STC marks. Low-frequency sounds are harder to reduce.

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Rely On Local Installation For Pella Lifestyle Series

ter the replacement windows you choose, the key element in noise reduction is proper installation. Experts suggest more than 90% of all window problems are the result of installation problems. To keep sound from penetrating your home proper, professional installation is vital. 

Pella is an industry leader when it comes to providing performance, value and advanced technology. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all Pella windows in the Madison area. It represents an elite and limited group of specialists trained to install innovative windows and support their extensive warranties.

Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling for the latest noise reduction creations and learn how Pella Lifestyle window technology will improve your Madison WI home. 

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