Pella Replacement Windows Rank High In Consumer Testing

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Whether wood, vinyl or composite, quality windows are a wise investment when it’s time to up-grade your home.

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to replacement windows. Every make and model touts its “superior” features. How do you determine which is right for your Madison WI home? Consumer Reports magazine recently compared the most popular brands, including Pella windows. Not all lines performed the same but some outperformed the others.

The detailed test was done on factory double-hung windows from eight different popular manufacturers. To simulate a routine order for new windows, the magazine ordered 3×5-foot windows from each supplier. Each was installed in a wooden frame and evaluated for its resistance to wind and rain.

Replacement Windows Must Withstand The Elements

Since most modern windows withstand simulated aging tests, the focus was on how the potential replacements handle extreme weather.

One side of each test window was sealed and a testing device to simulate high-speed wind was attached. Air flow increased to 25 mph and then up to 50 mph. An air flow meter measured air leaking around or through the windows. Each test was run at 0° F and again at 70° F to account for potential frame changes in hot or cold temperatures.

To test resistance to wind-blown rain 5 gallons of water per square foot of window was applied per hour. Each new window earning an Excellent rating had to withstand winds up to 74 mph – gale-force winds – without leaking. The lowest scoring windows leaked under pressure from 35 mph winds.

Pella Vinyl Windows Rank High

Window Replacement | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
High-quality vinyl windows are engineered to withstand the extremes Wisconsin’s weather throws their way.

Acknowledging that vinyl-clad windows are the most popular choice as replacements and new windows, the magazine tested these options first.

When the final results were tabulated the testers reported:

  • The vinyl products from Pella were among the more expensive windows tested, but they were one of the top performers.
  • Its vinyl windows earned an excellent rating on rain resistance even in simulated gale-force winds.
  • The vinyl lineup of windows also earned top scores for wind resistance at both 0°F and 70°F.

The 2019 lineup of vinyl windows includes nine dual-frame options with many colors to fit any exterior architecture and to enhance curb appeal.

Wood And Composite Replacement Windows

Various lines of wood frame windows were subjected to the same tests. Pella’s Lifestyle Series did exceptionally well in all the wind resistance testing at both 0°F and 70°F. And the lineup faired well in the rain test with winds up to 60 mph.

Among the newer window designs are those featuring composite frames – using a blend of wood fiber and thermoplastic resin. They look like more like wood and wear more like vinyl.

The new Impervia line earned an “excellent” rating for rain resistance and did equally well withstand high winds at both high and low temperatures. This new line includes five single color options and four dual-color choices. All are a standard white inside.

Look To The Local Windows Leader

Pella is an industryleader when it comes to providing performance, value and advanced technology.

No matter the make, model or design, window installation makes a huge difference in performance. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all Pella windows in the Madison WI area. It represents an elite and limited group of specialists trained to install innovative windows and support their extensive warranties.

Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling for the latest Pella creations and learn how the latest in replacement windows technology fits your Madison WI home. 

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