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A large casement window installed above the sink brings natural light and fresh air into the kitchen – and is easy to open and close.

Window styles complement the architecture of your home and have a significant impact on curb appeal. Whether you’re selecting a replacement window to boost your energy efficiency, correct a structural problem or update your surrounding style is a consideration.

Blending your new windows with existing décor – inside and outside – is a major consideration. Performance is vital, but appearance is equally important. The architecture of your home provides hints as to what will or won’t work well. Usually a number of window styles will function in your home, but which one will serve you best?

In the planning stages, consider which of these window styles suits your lifestyle:

  • Double Hung Windows – this is one of the most popular and traditional styles. Double hung windows slide both up from the bottom and down from the top – the most modern versions tilt out for easy cleaning.
  • Awning Windows – swing out from the top to allow air flow without anything from above entering often used above or below large window installation (sometimes called transom windows). Often used in conjunction with casement windows.
  • Casement Windows – windows operated by mechanical handles that swing out from the outside edge.
  • Bay Windows – a series of at least three windows installed as a unit with the outside two windows angled to extend outside of the room. Expand the size of a room without expanding its footprint. Make a real exterior statement as well as an interior design creation.
  • Bow Windows – similar in function and appeal to bay windows but more gradually curved and often more than three elements.
  • Sliders – these are double hung-types that operated side to side rather than up and down.
  • Single Hung Versions – unlike the double hung models, these only raise the top portion and the upper window is fixed in place.
  • Designer Windows – specialized shapes for above large windows or doors.

Choose Window Styles to Fit Your Home

Window Styles | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Awning windows allow ventilation for a sunroom or family room even on windy or rainy days.

Older homes and colonial, traditional designs typically have double hung windows. Modern, contemporary creations often opt for casement windows and specialty creations. The key to the right window replacement in your home is matching new windows to existing requirements. Every home has its own architectural feel and some windows fit better than others. But that doesn’t mean replacing windows you have to “crank open” with modern double hung versions is wrong.

There are guidelines to make it easier to begin the selection process and Pella Window’s professionals have years of experience at your disposal. In the beginning, consider:

  • What do you want the window to do? – Do you just need more natural light in a room or do you want to open a space so you can enjoy the view? Are you looking to make a real statement during a total renovation – large expanses of glass and bay windows certainly do that.
  • Featuring color – depending upon the colors of your home (inside and out) window frames can accent décor and architecture and complement your home. More and more window styles feature factory colors pre-applied and available in many options. Are most of the window frames in your neighborhood the same color (usually white) a color that complements your exterior is an ideal choice.
  • How much ventilation do you need? – moving fresh air within your home is always important. Different window styles offer different amounts of air flow. Larger windows offer more air flow than small ones and some casement styles limit the direction air can enter. Take the prevailing winds and your need for fresh air into consideration.
  • Impact on interior design – if you’re considering a replacement window for a kitchen or bath remodeling project, evaluate how size, shape and function fits with the way you envision using the room. Casement windows above a sink are popular because reaching a handle to open it is easier than stretching to a double hung equivalent.

A Replacement Window Project Means ROI

When you envision a new bathroom or kitchen, building your remodeling plan around the right replacement window in the right place makes sense. There are two immediate reasons to build around new windows:

  1. Windows as a focal point – modern windows make an older home look new and open up existing spaces to free light. Colors, shapes and functions all contribute to making a window style just right for your new room.
  2. New Windows are energy efficient – the latest engineering techniques that go into the design and creation of replacement windows like Pella’s 450 Series represent real advances in energy efficiency. They can reduce energy costs all year around. Replacing older windows with new window styles will show a return on your investment almost immediately.

To begin evaluating the energy efficiency of your window options, look at each window’s U-factor rating. It’s a measurement of the window’s ability to conduct heat. Always look for the lowest U-factor. The lower the number the less heat will transfer through the window both in summer and winter.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Professional Window Installation

Even the best windows don’t perform as advertised without skilled, professional installation. After selecting the Pella wood-framed window that’s best for your home, relying upon skilled, experienced and factory-trained installation crews not only provides exceptional quality work, it delivers the most vital benefit – peace of mind.

Sims is one of an elite and limited group of specialists around the country that Pella trusts to install its windows and honor all of its extensive warranty commitments. Proper installation makes a huge difference in the desired results. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all new Pella windows in Southern Wisconsin. For the right replacement window, contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling and choose window styles ideal for your Madison home.

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