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The latest in exterior color options allows high-quality windows to blend with any architecture to enhance curb appeal.

Vinyl windows are known for their low-maintenance and energy-efficiency features. Your choices from Pella Windows offer a variety of colors, shapes, styles and sizes. There’s a window series for every Madison WI home.

Choosing replacement windows isn’t always a simple task. There are many options from which to choose. While energy efficiency is a major talking point, Consumer Reports magazine reminds homeowners that saving money on monthly energy bills is not the only reason to make a change. It points out that it takes a long time to recover the costs of new windows and installation. Energy Star-rated windows lower bills by up to 15% a year. It results in savings of several hundred dollars and represents a quick, measurable payback.

What are the better reasons to make a change?

  • Make your home more comfortable – fewer drafts in summer and winter
  • Create a more attractive curb appeal – new colors and styles for every home design
  • Reduce maintenance concerns – vinyl windows never need painting or staining
  • Combination storm/screen designs are efficient year-around

Advantages Of Vinyl Windows

A list of Advantages for Pella’s vinyl products begins with Energy Star ratings. The 250 and 350 Series windows were recently recognized as “most efficient” for 2019. That distinction recognizes products delivering cutting edge energy efficiency backed by the latest engineering and manufacturing technology. These replacement windows feature an exclusive energy-saving system including:

  • Triple-pane glass – which has proven to be from 54% to 83% more energy efficient than single-pane glass.
  • Insulating foam
  • Frames with up to 18 built-in insulating air chambers
Vinyl Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors & Remodeling
Interior designers take window styles and colors into consideration so interior color choices are more important than ever.

The overall construction of these windows contributes to their performance and appeal. Window designs include SmoothSeam interior welded corners for added durability plus visual appeal. In addition, windows feature multi-chambered frames and reinforced sashes making them stronger all around.

Adding to their design and engineering advances, Pella makes these windows available in a wide range of colors – nearly a dozen standard exterior colors to provide a real custom look. Plus more and more interior color options to blend with your décor.

When it comes to the right replacement, these vinyl products are available to fit your needs. They’re available in shapes, sizes and styles including:

  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Double-hung
  • Single-hung
  • Sliding window

Key Reasons To Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

List the benefits of choosing vinyl over the other options available for your new windows. The versatile material has a lot to recommend it. The well-know, often discussed benefits stand alone, including:

  • Energy efficiency – with as much as 30% of heated and cooled air lost through inefficient windows, updating makes sound economic sense.
  • Little or no maintenance – regular cleaning and these windows are good to go. They require no painting or sealing. Color finishes don’t chip or peal.

There are two additional benefits that you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Weather resistance – no matter that storms that rage these windows frames don’t crack. They don’t rot or change color with age.
  • Home security – with their strong frame construction these windows provide security against intruders whether that’s unwanted noise or undesired “guests.”

As you consider whether or not to replace windows in your home, take a close look from both outside and inside. The latest design trends take into consideration the appearance of windows on the inside, not just outside.

Create a checklist of what you want from your home’s windows, including:

  • Comfort – no air leaks
  • Safety – reliable hardware
  • Noise reduction
  • Durability – strong construction
  • Aesthetics – colors and styles to complement your lifestyle
  • Maintenance and cleaning – worry-free year after year
  • Re-sale value – curb appeal that lasts
  • UV protection

Pella Has Your New Windows

Pella has a Series of windows ready to deliver all these. The three vinyl offerings include:

  • 350 Series – distinctive window designs with top performance. Includes almost invisible SmoothSeam welded corners for added durability and good looks. Triple-pane glass is the most energy-efficient available. Available in Awning, Casement, Double-hung, Single-hung and Sliding styles.
  • 250 Series – exceptional performance plus style. High-efficiency triple-pane glass for top performance combined with nearly a dozen exterior colors to create great curb appeal. Also available in Awning, Casement, Double-hung, Single-hung and Sliding styles.
  • Encompass – competitive-priced, easy-care option. Pella’s quality craftsmanship and commitment to efficiency is built into each window.

Don’t Undervalue Window Installation

With dozens of size, shape and style options from which to choose, selecting the right replacements for your home’s windows is less demanding than you might think. There’s a window that’s right for your home’s architecture, your personal choices and your budget. Keep in mind, that even the highest-quality windows don’t perform as advertised without skilled, professional installation. Pella Windows provides performance, value and advances in window design from frames and hardware to glass. Sims Exteriors & Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all Pella windows in the Madison area. Sims represents a select national group with a team of specialists trained to install innovative windows and support their extensive warranties.

Contact Sims Exteriors & Remodeling for the latest windows for your new construction or remodeling plan. We’ll share how Pella technology and design innovation provides outstanding vinyl windows for your Madison WI home. 

Energy Star Standards 

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