Winter Ideal Time For Replacement Windows

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When winter’s wrath is felt indoors it’s time for new windows.

When energy bills are climbing and the wind is howling is a perfect time to choose and install replacement windows. The benefits of new high-quality, energy-efficient Pella windows are easy to see. There’s no need to wait until Spring to install new windows in your Madison WI home. Benefit go beyond lower energy bills. Replacing windows in the off season earns better schedules for installation and off-season rates. The installation crews give your project their full attention with fewer jobs on the board.

Why Install Pella Windows Now?

The most important concern in a wintertime window replacement is keeping the home safe from outside elements – keeping the opening for the new window covered as long as possible. Winter weather is always a factor but consider these ways to overcome it:

  • Available manpower – be quick and efficient with two installation pros per window, one inside and one outside to reduce the need to open and close doors, track in snow or debris.
  • Advanced Planning – professionals complete pre-installation work off-site ahead of time minimizing the time the window opening is left exposed.
  • Conserve heat – by installing windows in one room at a time in winter. Only one space is exposed to the elements – sealing it with a temporary “zip wall” of plastic.

When It’s Time For Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
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Weak spots in existing windows are easier to spot in winter. You feel drafts and you recognize heat loss. These spots cost money every day. Waiting to install new windows is a costly decision. Review the status of your existing windows and consider the following as you plan to upgrade:

  • Winter is an excellent time to change – a wintertime window replacement is completed in a logical sequence from start to finish so rooms are exposed to the elements for the shortest possible time. The process includes taking out old windows, cleaning and repairing the opening, installing the replacement windows and cleaning up the site.
  • Energy-efficient Pella windows – when you commit to new windows improve your year-round comfort and reduce energy costs with Energy Star® rated windows with Low-E glass.
  • All window materials aren’t equal – vinyl windows are engineered to withstand cold temperatures but can be brittle in extreme cold making installation more difficult. Bay and bow windows should not be installed in the winter because of their demanding fittings. Aluminum-clad windows are often finished after installation so that must wait until warm weather. Wood-framed windows offer the best insulation properties.
  • Temperature considerations – scheduling window work during milder winter weather is ideal, but almost impossible in a Madison winter. There are steps taken to make the most of any break in the weather, including:
    • Using foams and caulks rated for use in cold temperatures and warming these critical elements before application
    • Removing as much snow and any ice from the work area as possible to avoid getting moisture and debris inside the home
  • Guaranteed workmanship – skilled, factory-trained Pella windows installation teams know how to take the extra steps and meet the challenges of snow, ice and cold. And, they stand  behind their workmanship.

Don’t Overlook Professional Window Installation

Installing replacement windows in mid-winter needn’t be a problem. Installation is different in January than in July, but the results RE the same. The concern for mid-winter installations is not the outside temperature it’s the amount and kind of precipitation forecast for the day. Severe weather stalls or stops installation. Rain, snow or sleet blowing into the opening and gathering between the new window and frame is serious. Working with a window installation contractor with experience all year around and a guarantee you can count on relieves the worry.

After selecting the latest Pella windows for your home, relying upon skilled, experienced and factory-trained installation crews to provide exceptional quality work.

Sims represents an elite and limited group of specialists around the country that Pella trusts to install its windows and honor all of its extensive warranty commitments. Proper installation makes a huge difference in performance. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for all new Pella windows in Southern Wisconsin. Call or email Sims for the latest window styles and the right replacement windows for your Madison WI home.

Replacement Window Comparisons – An Overview

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