Wooden Replacement Windows Add Value

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There’s a wooden replacement window design just right for your kitchen remodeling plans.

When it’s time for new windows in your Madison WI home, wooden replacement windows are an efficient choice. Vinyl windows are the most prevalent choice because of their usually low purchase price, but wooden windows, especially aluminum-clad wooden Pella windows, outperform these options.

Define the rivals for honest comparisons:

Vinyl windows – Vinyl windows are made from extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the same material used in the white plumbing pipes in your home. There are metal components inside the frames. White is the standard color for vinyl because true colors have been harder for manufacturers to achieve. White or tan is standard.       

Wood windows – Most of today’s wooden replacement windows are solid wood covered with a protective shell of aluminum, PVC or fiberglass. The type of wood varies from Pine and Fir to high-grade Mahogany.

Selecting wooden frame, aluminum clad replacement windows allows for classic styling combined with the refinements of many architectural styles. There are nearly endless options for shape and styling with wooden frames. Add the extra protection of aluminum cladding over the wooden framework provides for an almost maintenance-free installation. The interior frame of the new wooden windows can be stained to match the woodwork inside. The aluminum cladding is available in many colors to match the home’s trim. Unlike most vinyl cladding, if standard colors don’t meet your needs, aluminum can be painted in virtually any color.

Wooden Replacement Windows For ROI

Solid, high-performance windows increase the value of your home and reduce your energy costs. Aluminum clad wooden windows like the 450 Series from Pella Windows feature the best aluminum clad wooden windows have to offer, including an Energy Star® rating. Consider these benefits of high-quality aluminum clad replacement windows:

  • Interior frames can be stained to match any décor
  • Exterior aluminum can be painted to match any trim color – once complete they don’t need repainting unless damaged or you change your color scheme
  • Wood-framed windows are extremely good insulators – keeping cold and heat out and reducing energy costs
  • Wooden windows have character – do you want to introduce more plastic into a classic Craftsman-style Madison WI home?
  • Wooden frame windows are versatile – if your decorating taste doesn’t include the look of wood, these windows can be painted
  • Wooden frame windows adapt – whether replacing existing windows or adding windows during a remodel, wooden framed windows can be crafted to fit almost any shape, size and configuration
  • Unfinished wooden windows are a blank canvas for the decorator – they can be finished in a light, contemporary style or a rich dark stain to replicate original wood in a restoration project

Pella Windows Offer High-end Options

Wooden Replacement Windows | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling
Aluminum clad wooden framed replacement windows can be painted to match any trim and fit any architectural or design style.

The high-pressure sales push for vinyl windows over wooden replacement windows is always price. Pella Windows, in its 450 Series of aluminum clad wooden windows offers competitive pricing along with all the benefits and options of natural beauty combined with low maintenance.

Windows in the 450 Series can be stained, painted or primed at the factory so they match your style. The aluminum cladding comes in 10 standard colors. There are many grill patterns to choose from, they come with high-transparency screens and are available in all the popular configurations – double-hung, casements, etc.

Insuring low maintenance and high performance, replacement windows are available with these exclusive features:

  • EnduraGuard® wood protection coats the wooden elements, protecting them from mold, mildew, decay, staining and insects
  • InsulShield® energy-efficient glass to increase insulating ability

In addition, Pella windows meet or exceed the Energy Star guidelines in all 50 states.

Choose Installation Professionals

With a team of committed, well-trained professionals, Sims Exteriors and Remodeling is a Certified Installation Contractor for Pella wooden replacement windows in Southern Wisconsin. For all your new Pella windows, contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling and choose the ideal wooden replacement windows for your Madison WI home.

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